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How To Play Matka Online

Here are some basic rules you need to follow while playing a online matka satta game on Navratna App:

  • Selecting the Matka Game

    - Once you head to the game rates page, you'll see a list of games and the corresponding winning price associated with that online matka game. Pick a game that suits you and play.
  • Selecting The Satta Matka Play Market

    - After you've selected a game, it's time to put your luck to a test and use your analytical skills to good use by picking the correct Online Matka Play Market. This is critical as selecting a good market like Kalyan Matka will help you win bigger rewares and Cash credits.
  • Satta Matka Lottery

    - Once you've selected your satta matka market, you will be asked to enter the matka lottery bid to the number of your choice. You can enter a bit that suits your budget. You can also test your skills in satta matka lottery practice markets. That's it! You are set for the satta matka game.
  • Follow the Online Matka Play Result

    - It's time to check your online matka play lottery bid progress. You can use the game history and winnings leaderboard to check your winnings and matka numbers you bid on. The game history keeps getting updated every 2 minutes.
  • Once the online matka is played and the results are declared, Winners are officialy declared on our home page. Your accounts winning amount will be credited to your wallet. You will be visible on the homepage leaderboard if you are a top winner. You can withdraw your winnigs over Rs. 500 from you NavratnaOnline Account with one time verification.

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